Our founder, Darren Woodruff, possessing decades of Human Resource Outsourcing experience, created a very different kind of HR service offering to the small to mid-sized business owner. Almost a decade ago, Darren carefully created a specialty Human Resource Outsourcing Broker firm, to specifically fulfill the extremely diverse human resource requisites companies require today. Today Expert HR is a thriving nationwide company. We help Business Owners across the country and we have the ability to write in all Fifty Sates and Canada.

Expert HR understands that HR is the backbone of a company, and that backbone is made up of people; people with many diverse needs. Expert HR's philosophy has always been that a "factory" or "canned" HR offering simply cannot meet everyone's needs all of the time.  Expert HR's malleable and customized approach to HR Outsourcing is designed to be much more effective and meets the needs of a much greater "audience". 

Expert HR spends the time to become well versed in their client's needs and requisites.  We offer affordable benefits and creative services that provide impact solutions that greatly assist our client's bottom line and overall success.  

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diverse needs requires a well planned and diverse approach to create an effective impact solution...